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Signal Messenger 6.32.0Новая версия

A free application that allows users to communicate with each other in real time with maximum privacy and to exchange messages, videos and documents. All messages, calls and chats are secured with end-to-end encryption...

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Discord 1.0.9018Новая версия

Send text messages, use voice chat, create dedicated communication channels - all this and more is available with Discord. Low system resource consumption and no serious effect on FPS makes it indispensable for the gamer...

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SkypeНовая версия

Skype is a mega-popular program with which you can make voice and video calls to all corners of the globe absolutely for free. The developers claim complete confidentiality of communication and personal data, which is achieved by encrypting traffic...

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Telegram 4.9.2Новая версия

Telegram - Windows desktop version of one of the most popular messengers...

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ZOOMНовая версия

A powerful video conferencing service. There is integrated HD video and audio for conferences, a screen-sharing function, built-in chat, the ability to record a lesson both on a PC and in the cloud, and end-to-end conference encryption...

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WhatsApp 2.2326.10.0Новая версия

WhatsApp is a desktop version of the popular mobile messenger. It is fully synchronized with the application on your mobile device, supports system notifications, keyboard shortcuts, photo, music and video sharing...

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Windows Live Messenger 16.4.3522Новая программа

Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) is an Internet messenger program from Microsoft. This program allows users to exchange messages and files, hold video conferences, make phone calls and much more...

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RaidCall 8.2.0Новая программа

RaidCall is a popular application for setting up communication among gamers. It is ideal for team communication in MMORPG and shooter games. High-quality sound, minimal delay, instant messaging - you are always in touch and on the same wavelength with...

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