AIMP for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 5.30.2533 | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Russian
Categories: Audio - Editors, players
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AIMP is a multifunctional audio center. Thanks to the built-in utilities, you can easily recode music from one format to another, record audio from a microphone or other audio device, edit the tags of MP3, OGG, WMA files, as well as rename or sort music files as a group. The program was created based on the comments of users of other players, so that all the best and even more is concentrated in it.

It works with the following audio file formats: wav; ogg; wma; cda; mp3; mp2; mp1; mtm; mod; xm; it; aif; umx; s3m; mo3; etc. You can add additional plugins to this list of supported formats.

The player has an 18-band equalizer that allows you to change the sound to the best quality. There are also standard blanks for some types of music, ported from Winamp. In addition to the equalizer, there are also 4 special effects: Chorus, Echo, Flanger, Reverb. Each of which has its own settings that are saved when the program is terminated.

Additional features of AIMP:

  • Audio Converter allows you to convert music from a variety of formats to popular wma, mp3, wav, ogg.
  • The audio grabber allows you to grab AudioCD (CDA) in Mp3, OGG, WAV or WMA
  • Audio Recording allows you to record audio from any audio device in the system in mp3, ogg, wav and wma!
  • There is a built-in tag editor with which you can easily edit ID3v1, ID3v2 and OGG and WMA tags of formats.
  • Group renaming of files will allow you to sort your huge collection of music by one of the selected templates in a few minutes.
  • Turning off the computer at a specified time.
  • Configuring global and local hotkeys ( + templates from WinAmp and WMP )
  • Support for plugins, with which you can expand the program's capabilities: add new utilities and change existing ones!
  • In addition to all this, the program has such a convenient function as recording on-the-fly streaming audio, for example, Internet radio broadcasts.
What's new in AIMP 5.30.2533?
  • Playlist: M3U - support for #EXTALBUMARTURL tag
  • Sound engine: algorithm of silence detection and removing on track edges has been improved
  • Player: command to open sound effects manager and focus the "DSP/VST" tab
  • Fixed: radio capture - meta-information that defined on playlist side is unavailable for macros (regression 5.30)
  • Fixed: sound engine - duration of certain MP3 files with VBR calculates incorrectly
  • Fixed: sound engine - errors in operations with certain VST2-plugins
  • Fixed: playlist manager - the "file not found" error occurs on attempt to delete few playlist files physically (regression 5.30)
  • Fixed: plugins - BASS_ALAC - unable to play ALAC-files with 64-bit atom header
  • Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "pause playback on end of ..." scenario does not work anymore (regression 5.30)
  • Fixed: other minor issues
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