CCleaner for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 6.22.10977 | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Categories: Optimization - System registry
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Size: 79.53 Mb

CCleaner is one of the best sets of tools for optimizing the operating system and cleaning it from all kinds of garbage. Thanks to this program, the computer starts working faster and more stable and the performance of your machine's configuration is at the highest levels.

CCleaner is able to deeply scan the system, finding and deleting old, unnecessary, unused and residual files after the operation of browsers and applications, as well as system updates. It supports working with all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari), where CCleaner will clean temporary files, browsing and download history, cookies, autofill registration forms, etc. In addition, this utility perfectly copes with removing garbage left after various kinds of multimedia applications (AIMP, Adobe Flash Player, VLC, etc.), Microsoft products (Office, OneDrive, etc.), mail programs, chats and uploaders (the Bat, Skype, uTorrent), archivers (WinRAR, 7-zip) and many others.

The registry monitoring tool is highlighted in a separate section: CCleaner checks each entry in the registry for its compliance with applications and services and if there are no links, it offers to delete broken or empty entries. So, CCleaner will find missing DLLs, incorrect file extensions, ActiveX errors in the registry, organize the Start menu, work through OS services, compare application paths, and much more. At the same time, before deleting, the program suggests making a backup copy of the registry in case something goes wrong after cleaning or you just don't like it. In general, cleaning the registry and various garbage on the PC allows you to get additional space on hard drives and the system itself starts faster and becomes more responsive.

In addition to cleaning and removing garbage, CCleaner has a number of additional tools that will be useful in configuring and optimizing your computer:

In summary, it should be said that CCleaner is designed for a wide range of users, it is made in an intuitive, stylish graphical interface and will allow you to give your computer a "second wind" without additional financial injections into the hardware configuration.

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Reviews about CCleaner

Cain Adams about CCleaner 6.20.10897 [2024-02-10]

Not working in Russia. IDK what they trying to accomplish by that, but at this point, this is just plain petty shit.
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