Cinebench for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 2024.0.1 | Report about update
OS: Windows 10 and higher
Interface: English, Russian, Spanish
Categories: Benchmarks, tests
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Cinebench is a popular and completely free benchmark that allows you to evaluate the hardware capabilities of your computer (processor and video card) using a set of tests. The test calculates photorealistic 3D scenes that contain about 2000 objects consisting of more than 300000 polygons.

Cinebench provides better benchmark accuracy for current and next-generation processors, testing whether the machine runs stably under high CPU load, whether the cooling is sufficient for a desktop or laptop under longer tasks to ensure the processor's full potential, and whether the machine is capable of handling complex 3D tasks in real-world conditions.

Cinebench is designed to work with a wide range of hardware configurations: it fully supports the x86/64 (Intel/AMD) architecture in Windows and macOS, and extends the capabilities of Apple Silicon processors in macOS and Arm64 processors in Windows to ensure compatibility with the latest advances in hardware technology. In addition, Cinebench optimizes the testing process by using a single scene file for CPU and graphics card testing (fully supported devices from NVIDIA and AMD).

After testing, you can compare the results with the benchmark results. The CPU test result is given in points, and the video card result in frames per second (FPS).

What's new in Cinebench 2024.0.1?
  • redshift - new rendering engine for demo scenes;
  • added support for video card testing;
  • added support for ARM64 architecture;
  • many internal improvements, optimizations and improved performance;
  • more accurate performance evaluation.
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