Winamp for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 5.92.10042 | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Russian, Spanish
Categories: Audio - Video
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Winamp is one of the most popular media players that supports almost all known audio and video file formats, and also has many settings for high-quality and comfortable content playback. Among the formats that the player copes with, there are, of course, the most popular and rarely encountered:

audio - aac, aif, flac, mp3, ogg, wma, wav, etc.
video - avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mp4, mpeg, etc.

Winamp also supports playback of media files in asx, b4s, m3u, m3u8, pls and wpl formats.

The capabilities of this player are really impressive: in addition to the incomplete list of file types listed above, it plays MIDI and tracker music, tracks from audio CDs, supports streaming, surround sound, the volume equalizing option is implemented, there is a fully customizable graphic ten-band equalizer, displays a spectrogram and an oscillogram, shows beautiful visual images (for audio), supports working with metadata (its own editor, autofill information from the Internet), allows you to copy AudioCD to digital format and vice versa, can work with plug-ins, as well as much more.

Music lovers will appreciate the possibility of a smooth transition between individual tracks and the continuous playback function, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs and compositions for as long as you want without additional interference.

As for the Winamp interface, it is made in a stylish graphical shell with intuitive control and access to all settings. However, for this player, a lot of different visual shells are implemented, which will turn the classic application cover into an absolutely fantastic and unique look.

We should also highlight the multimedia library, which allows you to conveniently search, sort and filter all media data on a PC. Here you can configure the player control using a combination of hot keys or multimedia buttons.

In short, Winamp is a whole multimedia processor that can play any audio and video content, providing additional requests for the most demanding users.

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