Among US for Android

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License: Freeware
Version: 2022.12.14 | Report about update
OS: Android 6.x and higher
Interface: English, Russian, Arabic
Categories: Online - Quest
Downloads (today/total): 4 / 301 | Statistics
Size: 9.19 Mb

Among US is online game. There is a spaceship and a group of astronauts, among whom there are one (1 to 3) enemies. Each game can be played by 4 to 10 players and no more than 3 traitors.

The role of enemy or good guy is randomly assigned. All players look different and it is not possible to identify a traitor by their appearance, only by their actions. The astronauts (the good guys) need to complete all tasks in different compartments of the spaceship or to identify the enemies in order to win. The enemies must kill all members of the spaceship's crew. In the course of the game by voting you can determine the hidden enemy and remove him, but keep in mind that you can make a mistake and accidentally kill an innocent crew member.

Game is available for Android and iOS.

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