Audacity for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 3.6.0 | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Categories: Editors, players
Downloads (today/total): 1 / 693 | Statistics
Size: 15.6 Mb

Audacity is a free and easy-to-use sound editor with a wide range of professional features.

Main features:

  • Recording from microphone, line input, or other sources with the ability to listen to available tracks at the same time;
  • Digitization of analog recordings (cassettes, gramophone records);
  • Import and export of WAV, MP3, AIFF, AU, and Ogg Vorbis files;
  • Basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste, and delete);
  • Change and mix an unlimited number of tracks;
  • Changing the pitch without changing the tempo, and vice versa;
  • Removal of static noise, hum, hiss, and other permanent noise defects in a recording;
  • Volume adjustment with compressor, gain effect, and or normalization;
  • A variety of built-in effects (Echo, Phaser, Wahwah, U-turn, etc.). Creating your own effects in the Nyquist language;
  • Mixing tracks with different quality characteristics with automatic conversion to specified characteristics in real-time;
  • Detailed analysis of frequency characteristics and spectrographic mode for displaying tracks;
  • Results can be saved in many formats provided by the libsndfile library.
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