TapSwap for Android

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License: Freeware
Version: for Android, iOS (from Solana) | Report about update
OS: Android 7.x and higher
Interface: English, Russian
Categories: Miners
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Size: 1 Mb

TapSwap is an improved analog of Solana coin tapper with a very nice interface. If you have mined coins from HERE Wallet (HOT Coin), from NOT Coin or Arbuz, you already know the rules of coin mining. You just need to tap on the center of the screen thus mining coins. Every day you get 3 boosts of Tapping Guru (many times faster coin mining for 1 tap (works while the coin is covered by energy)) and 3 Full Tank (full refueling of the energy line). 

In the application TapSwap realized referral system, which allows you to earn even more coins by bringing new users. Bonuses are also given for moving from one league to another - this happens when you accumulate a certain amount of coins.

Be sure to buy Tap Bot. It will allow you to earn coins while you sleep or do not use your smartphone. Try to earn it as soon as possible (it costs 200,000 coins) and activate it.

At the moment, we only know that TapSwap will be able to exchange all existing coins of the Solana network with very low commissions. The developers promise a lot of different activities for which coins will be paid, as well as the number of coins will be limited to 1 billion, which should much stronger increase the value of the coin than in similar systems from Hot Coin, Not Coin or Arbuz.

Click on the link and you will launch a Telegram bot with the desired application.

Good luck!

TapSwap works on any smartphone on both iOS and Android.

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