Dr.Web for Windows

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License: Shareware
Limitations: 30 days
Version: (22.12.2020) | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Russian
Categories: Antivirus, spyware
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Size: 323.9 Mb

Dr.Web is one of the most popular anti-virus programs of its time. It reliably protects your system from the most known and unknown types of viruses and monitors virus activity in real time. It includes an anti-virus, a firewall, preventive protection, cloud Dr.Web, and an email antivirus.

Works with all common types of archives and packers, processes email attachments, HTML, and script codes. Provides proactive protection against malware, protection against hacker attacks, provides control over HOSTS files, the ability to download drivers and much more.

Anti-virus features:

  • Dr.Web scanner performs anti-virus checks of the PC at the user's request or by schedule
  • Dr.Web Anti-rootkit (Anti-rootkit API, arkapi) performs background scanning for rootkits and arkapi. Active threats are neutralized and a background scanning subsystem is implemented.
  • Preventive protection protects against infections by blocking the automatic modification of critical Windows objects and controlling certain unsafe actions
  • ShellGuard, Dr.Web Process Heuristic's non-signature blocking technology, protects against attacks that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities
  • HyperVisor - enhanced monitoring of all programs and operating systems using the latest hardware platforms
  • SpIDer Guard checks files and memory on the fly and detects viral activity and is constantly kept in the operating memory
  • SpIDer Mail intercepts the calls of any mail clients on your computer to mail servers using POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/NNTP protocols, and detects and disarms mail viruses before a mail client receives mail from the server or sends letters to a mail server. Can scan correspondence for spam
  • Firewall - a personal firewall designed to protect the system from unauthorized external access and to prevent important data from leaking over the network
  • SpIDer Agent - is a module used to configure and control Anti-Virus components
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