FPS Monitor for Windows

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License: Freeware
Version: 5490 | Report about update
OS: Windows 7 and higher
Interface: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Categories: Utilities - Benchmarks, tests
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Size: 24.02 Mb

FPS Monitor is a program for displaying FPS and various sensors (CPU/GPU/RAM/NET/DRV, etc.) on top of the game. While working the utility polls almost all systems involved in the game and somehow affect the comfort of the game, and will show what is the heaviest load - the CPU or the graphics card.

You can choose fonts, sizes, styles, colors, variants of rendering sensor values. There is also an opportunity not only to show real-time data on top of the game, but also to collect statistics for a certain period of time and record it in a file for further analysis.

Main features:

  • FPS output (including minimum/medium/maximum and frame generation time).
  • Output detailed data on CPU, graphics card, memory, network activity, disks, etc. More than 40 sensors and sensors in total.
  • Display any sensor and sensor data in numbers and/or graphs.
  • Notification of critical values of all important parameters (for example, if your video card overheats, RAM is full, etc.).
  • Interface settings directly in the program window - adding/removing sensors, setting limits, changing colors, sizes, fonts, alignment and position of any displayed data.
  • Configuring the interface even before entering the game simply by uploading a screenshot or logging into the game.
  • Placing captions and pictures and using it as an additional possibility to customize the Stream-HUD.
  • Switching between several ready-made settings presets and possibility to create them yourself.
  • Creation of screenshots.
  • Hotkey support.
  • Low system resources consumption.
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