Google Earth Pro for Windows

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Google Earth Pro (Google Earth Pro) is an excellent 3D globe that allows you to process, analyze, and visualize geodata based on high-resolution satellite photos. This enhanced version of the Google Earthdes Free tool provides access to aerial photos, GIS data, street view panoramas, historical imagery, and other interesting information.

Now you can travel around the Earth without leaving your apartment. Every corner of our planet can be discovered on your monitor screen. Rotate the globe, zoom in and out of the area, and set a comfortable viewing angle - everything for your comfort. The search system is of high quality: indicate the required city, street, or sightseeing place, and the searched area of the Earth will open in front of you.

Thanks to the advanced functionality, Google Earth can draw a plan of the area, and measure and visualize objects on the map, including three-dimensional. And all this is available to you at home (at work), you only need a mouse and a keyboard.

In addition, Google Earth has a number of other useful professional options and features:

  • Printing high-resolution screenshots,
  • Adding large sets of GIS data to the map,
  • fast import of a large number of addresses,
  • recording videos to show to colleagues and customers,
  • area measurement with a polygon or circle,
  • inclusion of layers with demographic statistics, land parcel data, and traffic congestion.

Google Earth Pro is completely free, but a simple registration is required before you can use it.

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