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Grammarly Keyboard 2.23891Новая программа

An app that is a mobile keyboard with a grammar checker that not only notifies the user when a spelling or typographical error or grammatical inconsistency occurs, but also helps avoid similar errors in the future...

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LingoDeer 2.99.210Новая программа

A useful application with which you can get acquainted with Japanese, Korean and Chinese writing systems, learn how the languages you are interested in function, increase your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of Asian languages...

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Google Classroom 8.0.421.20.90.2Новая программа

A free web service created by Google for educational institutions in order to simplify the creation, assignment and verification of tasks in electronic form. It can be used by teachers and students in schools or in institutes and universities by teacher...

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JavaIDEdroid 2.10.1Новая программа

JavaIDEdroid is a tool for creating and compiling your own applications directly on an Android smartphone or tablet. Now you won't need a desktop computer or laptop to write and compile an application. Built-in java compiler...

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Duolingo 5.87.4Новая программа

Duolingo is an application for learning foreign languages, including English, Spanish, French and German. Learn to read, talk, write and understand foreign speech. The training is suitable for both users with an initial level of knowledge...

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ReadEra 22.12.12+1720Новая программа

An excellent Android application for reading e-books and viewing documents in various formats, including EPUB, FB2, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, DOC, RTF, TXT and CHM. There is an adaptation to the screen size, work with bookmarks, saving the current reading position...

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PhotoMath 8.0.0Новая версия

Photomatch is a mathematical application that allows you to solve examples and equations by simply photographing a task...

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Tongo 1.20.0Новая программа

A program for training English spoken and written speech, with which you can read and listen, replenish your vocabulary and improve your grammar. There are more than 100 books and articles in English that will help you hone your reading skills...

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Pascal 0.6Новая программа

Pascal is an interpreter of the Pascal language for Android. For fans of writing programs, schoolchildren or university students. The application has the ability to quickly launch programs, as well as save and open files with programs...

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