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SpotifyНовая версия

One of the best ways to stream music on your Android cell phone or tablet. In the application, the user can easily find music of favorite artists and create a personal playlist with favorite songs...

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Guitar Tuna 7.54.0Новая версия

GuitarTuna is a convenient tuner for tuning stringed instruments. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, ukulele and others are supported. For beginners, games for learning chords will be useful, the mode with increased accuracy will be useful...

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Shazam 14.32.1-240703Новая версия

Do you want to know everything about the music that sounds nearby? Launch the app, click the Shazam icon and in a few seconds you will receive extensive information, from the name of the song and artist, to the lyrics of the song and clips on YouTube...

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Walk Band 7.6.2Новая версия

Walk Band - play the piano, guitar, drums or drum machine in this realistic music simulator. The training mode will allow beginners to master the basic skills of the game, advanced musicians can record the results in multi-channel mode...

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My Guitar 2.5Новая версия

My Guitar - an acoustic guitar on your device will be a good assistant if you want to learn how to play this instrument. There is a setting of sound effects, the appearance of the guitar, 325 chords, four modes of operation of the application...

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My Piano 4.4Новая версия

My Piano - download the app and play 16 available instruments, including piano, organ, electric synthesizer, saxophone, etc. Use the built-in sampler, change the appearance of the instrument, choose the desired mode from 1 to 6 octaves...

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My BeatBox 3.3Новая программа

My BeatBox is an application for real beatboxers, fans of rap and hip-hop. You can use both ready-made sets and create your own rhythms from your voice recorded on the microphone...

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Solo 2 2.4.3Новая программа

Solo 2-virtual guitar is everywhere and always with you. Download the app to your device or smart watch. The guitar simulator will offer classical, acoustic and electric guitar, a large set of chords, recording your own compositions and much more...

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