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Tor Browser 13.5Новая версия

Tor Browser will help you protect yourself from "data flow analysis" - a kind of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, the confidentiality of business contacts and connections. The service provides protection...

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AdwCleaner 8.4.2Новая версия

AdwCleaner is a free program from Malwarebytes to fight unwanted and adware that appear on your PC after installing various applications. The results are displayed in a log with the files and registry keys that can be removed...

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Resource Hacker 5.2.7Новая версия

Resource Hacker is a free utility for viewing, modifying, adding, removing, and extracting resources in executable (.EXE, .DLL, etc.) and resource (.RES) files of Windows...

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O&O ShutUp10 1.9.1436Новая версия

O&O ShutUp10 is a small portable utility to disable some features of Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, through which Microsoft can track user's actions on PC...

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SpyHunterНовая программа

SpyHunter is a powerful utility for detecting various malware on your system, protecting you from the negative effects of spyware, trojans, rootkits, worms, adware, etc....

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SafeIPНовая программа

SafeIP is a free anonymizer that allows you to quickly, easily, and reliably hide your IP and thereby increase anonymity on the Internet. It encrypts traffic and works with almost all browsers...

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DeadLock 1.4Новая программа

If you come across a file or folder that you cannot remove in any way because it is occupied by some process or service, the free DeadLock utility will help you solve the problem. The program is very easy to use...

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iSpyНовая программа

iSpy is a program that uses a microphone and webcam to monitor the room, and if any motion or sound is detected, it signals it to the user by sending an email or SMS...

get_app506 | Freeware |

Kurupira Web Filter 1.3.7Новая программа

A convenient and easy-to-use application that filters unwanted web content, allows you to control the time spent on the Internet. It is possible to monitor the use of programs and Internet access using charts...

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