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ParkControlНовая версия

ParkControl is a simple free utility that allows you to tune individual CPU settings for the best performance of your computer...

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3DMark 2.27.8177Новая версия

3DMark Basic Edition is a free version of one of the most famous benchmarks, offering the user a number of 3D graphics and CPU stress tests that can be used to evaluate the performance and stability of your computer...

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CPU UnparkНовая программа

A free and easy-to-use Windows program that allows you to park or un-park CPU cores, thereby allowing you to optimize the most power-efficient use of your CPU. The application does not require installation...

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CPU-Z 2.07Новая версия

CPU-Z is a small useful program with which you will get all the information about the main devices in the system: processor, RAM, motherboard, video card. Shows the GPU load in real time...

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Argus Monitor 6.2.06Новая версия

Argus Monitor is a utility for monitoring the temperature and state of various system components, including the CPU, graphics card and hard disk drive. The program allows you to monitor critical SMART attributes of hard disks...

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Quick CPUНовая программа

A free but very powerful program designed to configure and monitor key CPU and system parameters including CPU temperature (shell and cores), CPU performance, power, voltage, amperage, frequency scaling, memory...

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CPUCooL 8.1.0Новая программа

CPUCool is a set of tools for monitoring the temperature and supply voltage of your PC with the ability to control the fan speed. It is possible to optimize the CPU and memory, change the system bus frequency when the OS is loaded...

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